Att lära av ”den Andra”?

Transformativt lärande i svenska gymnasieelevers berättelser om en utbildningsresa till Kenya


  • Katarina Mattsson



Educational travel, the Other, transformative learning, discourse analysis


Learning from “The Other”? Transformative learning in Swedish high school students’ narratives from an educational trip to Kenya. The study explores transformative learning in a group of Swedish high school students’ shared narratives about an educational trip to Kenya. The understanding of transformative learning is inspired by a discourse analytical approach, which emphasizes the use of discursive frameworks and repertoires for making sense of experiences. The analysis shows that the participants express a desire to learn from ‘the Other’, which is associated with a critical examination of their own ways of thinking. Moreover, the image of ‘the other’ is complex. On the one hand, it is constructed as a generalized image of the exotic other and reproduces notions of ‘the noble savage’. On the other hand, the image of ‘the other’ is also framed by a liberal discourse of individualism and tolerance. Finally, the narratives also entail constructions of similarity, which indicates a more radical renegotiation of previous discursive frames and blurs the borders between us and them.






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