Att få sina bedömningar granskade

  • Frida Wetterstrand
  • Marcus Sundhäll
  • Christian Lundahl
Nyckelord: Nationella prov, betyg, likvärdig bedömning, matematik


Since 1940 there has been different types of national tests in Sweden, each with a different aim and purpose. Since 2011, Skolverket/The National Agency for Education is required to review how teachers correct these national tests, and also to publish easily accessible statistics showing possible discrepancies between the results of the students and their final grades. Based on interviews with 17 teachers in mathematics between grades 6-9, the consequences of the review of teachers’ assessments have been investigated. The result shows worrying effects. The increased focus on discrepancies has led to an inadequate appraisal of teachers’ assessment competence. However, teachers are pleased to have their corrections reviewed in a formative way.
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