Pedagogiske identiteter i norsk barnehagepolitikk fra 1970-årene og fram til i dag

  • Mette Nygård
Nyckelord: ECEC, Basil Bernstein, learning discourses, pedagogic identities, ideology


The purpose of this article is to illuminate various pedagogic identities in Norwegian White Papers directed to Early Childhood Education and Care institutions. In this article, I present a study of eight White Papers concerning ECEC in Norway. I place emphasis on political efforts related to learning in ECEC institutions and further on, identify various learning discourses. I have chosen to place emphasis on a period of 40 years to identify if and in what way the learning discourses have changed. Further, I discuss various learning discourses based on Bernstein’s theory of pedagogic identities and shed light on various ideologies in ECEC policy. Bernstein’s theoretical framework is fundamental in this article.
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