Nationell identitet och kulturella skillnader. En utmaning för läroplan och läroplansteori

  • Carsten Ljunggren
Nyckelord: curriculum, curriculum theory, national identity, cultural differences, democracy


This article is about understanding national identity and curriculum in a situation where cultural differences and migration define citizenship. The juxtaposed decline of multicultural policy and national sovereignty are discussed in terms of how the secular State is besieged by a politicized religion, and its impact on citizenship education. A version of understanding curriculum beyond governmental control of education in terms of knowledge outcomes is formulated, with special attention paid to socialization and citizenship. Inspired by Dewey’s educational philosophy reflecting political and societal conditions for education, the what, why, and how of education are contrasted with the individual who in a way that highlights the need to reconcile, but also challenge, ethnos and demos for an understanding of curriculum and national identity.
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