Skolchef i komvux - mellan politik och rektor i styrkedjan


  • Johanna Mufic



Swedish municipal adult education, quality, superintendent, chain of command, policy


Superintendent in Municipal adult edcuation - Between Politics and Principal in the Governance Chain. Swedish education policy often emphasises that the superintendent, in the form of the representative for the municipality authority, must take more responsibility for the quality of education. This also applies to municipal adult education (MAE), a form of schooling that differs from the rest of the school system regarding governance. However, there has been limited research conducted on it. Based on Bacchi’s (2009) WPR approach, this study scrutinises how governance is produced in superintendent’s talk about their relationship with the principal and politics. Delegated steering is supported by two different logics of responsibility and economics. The superintendent’s duties and responsibilities are often emphasised, and reference is made to the chain of command. Responsibility is partially shifted to the principal and/or politicians in certain municipalities. This affects the superintendent’ discretion and has both direct and indirect effects on the education offered by the municipality, ultimately impacting the students as well.