Arbetsmarknad, utbildningsval och möjligheter på landsbygden

Den lokala kontextens relationer till metrocentrisk skolpolitik

  • Dennis Beach
  • Elisabet Öhrn
Nyckelord: rural education, metrocentricity, economy, local labour-markets


Two tendencies in research and policy on youth and education are firstly a general focus on urban contexts and their differences, and secondly a presentation of the non-urban as uniform. Based on a research project on rural young people and their education, we draw attention to these tendencies as problematic, before then discussing some similarities and differences between young people’s lives and education in different rural contexts. The variation in education materialisation and experience is significant between places outside cities as educational and career choices do not follow the same lines everywhere but are affected by spatial features connected to labour markets (economic production factors) and population flows (culture and demography) within societies, regions, ecology and geology, nations and also globally (environmental factors).

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