Att skapa ett mer inkluderande utbildningssystem. En avslutande reflektion

  • Claes Nilholm
Nyckelord: inclusive education, practice, theory, case-study, critique, educational ideology, reconstructionism


To Create a More Inclusive School System. A Concluding Reflection. In this summarizing section of this thematic issue on inclusive education, the contributions are contextualized and discussed. It is argued in the paper that research about inclusive education is part of a reconstructivist educational ideology that strives to make educational systems more just and democratic. The contributions to the special issue provide valuable knowledge in this regard. These contributions are briefly presented. In addition, the role of theory in educational research about inclusive education and how the field can be further developed is discussed. Moreover, the need to let theories about inclusive education be examined for their capacity to actually change practices in a more inclusive direction is pointed out. However, it is concluded that research about inclusive education needs a broad agenda involving different kinds of research.