Mediala diskurser om inkludering. En berättelse om (gem)ensamhet

  • Anette Bagger
  • Anne Lillvist
Nyckelord: inclusion, medialization, discourse, education, students and children in need of support


Discourses on Inclusion in Media. This article explores discourses on inclusion in articles about education in Sweden’s four largest newspapers, and how these discourses position children, students, teachers, and schools. The findings indicate that the journalistic practices of agendization, accountabilization, factualization, emphasizing, and sensationalization have impacted arguments and increased the newsworthiness of the subject. Inclusion is often discussed in a sporadic and inconsistent way and students and teachers are often positioned out of a deficit perspective. Discourses were demarcated on three interrelated levels: an individual level, an organisational level, and a societal level.