Strävan mot en inkluderande skolmåltid. Strategier för att ge likvärdiga förutsättningar

  • Sara Frödén
  • Charlotta Pettersson
Nyckelord: special education, school meal, inclusion, disability, school lunch


Towards an Inclusive School Meal. Strategies to Provide Equal Opportunities. The aim of this study is to explore how the school meal can be organized in different ways in order to become more inclusive for all pupils. The study is based on data from a three-year research project where school and kitchen staff in three schools have been interviewed twice about their experiences of the school meal situation to identify current challenges and desirable improvements. Despite a similar set of problems with logistics and the physical and psychosocial environment of the canteen, the schools choose different strategies to provide equal opportunities for the pupils. The strategies consisted of a variety of common and individual solutions aimed at all pupils or specific groups of pupils, often with disabilities. Spatial, social and didactic aspects of inclusion and different understandings of inclusion were reflected in the schools’ organisation of the school meal.