Barnehageledelse i bevegelse - nær/ledelse i praksis

  • Kjersti Nissen
  • Merete Moe
  • Sissel Mørreaunet
Nyckelord: close/leadership, the not-yet-seen, motions, events, diffractions


Leadership in motion - close/leadership in practice. The article discusses events from the project ”Leadership in motion”, where the researchers co-walked ten directors in early childhood centers in a big municipality after reorganization of leader teams. The events are impulses used to explore close leadership. Inspired by such post-human perspectives and concepts as diffractions, entanglements and the not-yet-seen, we undertake diffractive readings of events. Through confabulations between researchers and directors, various understandings of close leadership implications are produced and explored. We discuss how close leadership is expressed in the practice of early childhood centers, where everything is entangled and at the same time in motion. When encountering new leader team organization, for example the not-yet-seen, the leaders point to listening, doubt, resistance, and insecurity as part of close/leadership. They are alert to the situations, present in thought, time, and space, with openness and interest for what is coming.

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