Läraryrket och det etiska behovet av att kunna navigera i utrymmet mellan det säkra och det osäkra

  • Silvia Edling
Nyckelord: teacher profession, democracy, ethics, relations, context, plurality, uncertainty


The purpose of this text is to highlight and discuss some of the aspects of uncertainty that exist in all forms of teaching and the importance of allowing for some degree of uncertainty for ethical reasons. More specifically, the text focuses on the ethical dimension of democracy, which politically provides a space for dealing with the relations, dynamic practices and human differences that exist regardless of ideological governing. The article answers the following questions: a) How can the political space in teaching be understood in relation to uncertainty? b) What do the relational dimensions in education mean for teaching and teachers? c) How can human difference be understood, and what does its presence in teaching and teachers’ work entail? and d) How can the teaching profession be understood in the tension between the certain and the uncertain?

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