Utbildningens mellanrum

  • Anneli Frelin
Nyckelord: curriculum studies, educational environment, learning environment, professionality, relationship


The in-betweens of education highlight the relational and spatial dimensions of education, which have been the focus of most of my research. Recognizing the relational nature of both educational and research undertakings, I begin by developing a stance in the field of Didaktik, also known as curriculum studies. Having initially studied teachers’ relational professionality, my present research interest is educational environments. These have been analyzed using aspects of physical, conceived and social space, and from the perspective of schools as dynamic and open ecosystems. Here, a selection of contributions to the growing research field of learning environments is introduced, including theoretical and empirically grounded concepts. In the final section, I outline some of the emerging tendencies in the field and give examples of ongoing collaborations and research.

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