Värdefulla, meningsfulla lärare. Ett slag för otillräcklighetens etik och utbildningsvetenskapens olika ansikten

  • Sara Irisdotter Aldenmyr
Nyckelord: scientific basis, teachers’ work, ethics, theory and practice


One issue in the current school debate concerns the scientific basis of teaching and the question, what kind of scientific research should be central to the everyday work of teachers? A leading thought in this debate seems to relate to the need for research that provides evidence-based answers to the question “what works” in teaching. However, there are risks with allowing a one-sided notion of what kind of scientific basis teachers need. I therefore argue that we need to highlight the importance of other types of research that rather than seeking answers, seek to raise questions. This is important not least in relation to the ethical dimensions of the teaching profession. In a retrospective summary of my own research, I advocate what I would like to refer to as “ethics of incertitude”, while critically examining several of my own contributions. The question in focus is how the everyday practices of teachers serve as the basis for the theoretical work I present.

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