Export och import av den svenska förskolemodellen via transnationell utbildningspolicy

  • Magdalena Sjöstrand Öhrfelt
Nyckelord: preschool, transnational policy, education, discourse


The purpose of this article is to discuss how the Swedish preschool’s role has changed over the last twenty years, and how this change has been influenced by transnational education policy. Through text analysis and focus on key strategies and concepts that describe problems and solutions (Bacchi 2012), I have found a prominent intertextuality in transnational and national education policy, leading to significant discursive displacements. Sweden, by working with a cohesion model that combines care and learning, has now embraced a modified version of its own model, influenced by dominant transnational economics-oriented organizations. The concept of the vulnerable child works as a legitimizing mechanism.
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