Differentiering genom reglerad marknadsanpassning - Uppkomsten av en regional skolmarknad

  • Anna-Maria Fjellman
Nyckelord: school market, marketization, quasi-market, equity


The school choice reforms implemented during the 1990s removed municipal restrictions for students commuting for upper secondary education. This resulted in the formation of educational markets across Sweden. The aim of the present article is to explore the development of one of the geographically largest of these market structures in Sweden, outside of the northern regions: the Karlstad school market. Register data is used to investigate commuting patterns, school establishment and the spatial configurations in the development of the market. The results indicate that there has been a substantial growth in the Karlstad market share of pupils with heavy inward migration. Also identified is that this can be partly attributed to general market failure. Equity issues are discussed in terms of differentiation regarding access to educational offerings and opportunities for mobility.
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