Rektor i skärningspunkten mellan likvärdighet och skolmarknad

  • Ulf Lundström
  • Ann-Sofie Holm
  • Inger Erixon Arreman
Nyckelord: school leadership, marketization, equity, school reform


n a global education policy context, school leadership is increasingly regarded as crucial for improving school outcomes as well as equity in education. The purpose of this article is to analyze Swedish upper secondary school principals’ perceptions of the impact of school reforms in relation to equity. Empirical data was collected in an online survey distributed to all upper secondary principals affiliated to the national Association of School Principals. The results of the survey are discussed in relation to governance and previous research. The study indicates that a majority of the principals related equity in education to state governance, while reforms counteracting equity were connected to marketization/New Public Management reforms. The findings also indicate variations between groups of principals employed in the public or private school sector, including differing local (school market) conditions. Further, irrespective of sector, teachers were considered as the main resource for realizing equity in school.
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