Avregleringens pris? Om juridifieringen av svensk skola ur skolaktörers perspektiv

  • Caroline Runesdotter
Nyckelord: uridification, institutional logic, professionalism, School inspection


After a period of deregulation of schools, the governance by law as well as control through the reinstated school inspection have become important aspects in the process of re-centralization. Swedish school actors are not only subject to thorough controls, but the possibilities for pupils and parents to make complaints to the school inspectorate have also been reinforced. Drawing on theories about institutional logics, this article explores the impact of the expansion of law and legal discourse in the work of school actors, and how it affects the relation to pupils and their parents. School actors, such as principals, teachers and employees from school administration in different parts of Sweden, were interviewed. The results indicate not only a reinforcement of the individual rights in education, they also foreshadow a reconfiguration of the teachers’ work in order to cope with the legal aspects of their work.
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