Dekonstruerad länkning - En kritisk läsning av Constructive Alignment inom svensk högskolepedagogik och pedagogisk utveckling

  • Johan Wickström
Nyckelord: Constructive Alignment, John Biggs & Catherine Tang, deconstruction, critical pedagogy, higher education, educational development.


A limited number of theoretical concepts are used in educational development to conceptualize educational processes. One of these is Constructive Alignment (CA). CA is about aligning learning outcomes to teaching/ learning activities and assessment tasks. It is anchored in constructivist and phenomenological theory. CA has had a major impact on Swedish educational development and academic teacher training. This article aims at critically deconstructing and challenging the concept in terms of its ability and relevance to conceptualizing educational processes. CA does not address epistemological and disciplinary differences. It tends to reduce the agency of teachers and students. It also reduces the complexity of education to something technical and bureaucratic. This article identifies some alternative pathways. These alternatives are inspired by the Humboldt tradition and the study circle tradition. New ways of defining educational processes would most likely challenge the bureaucratic and neoliberal dimensions of CA.
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