Mänskliga rättigheter som värdefundament, kunskapsobjekt och inflytande: en läroplansanalys

  • Ann Quennerstedt
Nyckelord: children’s rights, human rights education, curriculum


This paper analyses the Swedish national curricula for preschool and school with the purpose of clarifying how the responsibility of educational institutions regarding human rights for children and young people is expressed. Framed by rights theory and educational philosophy, the paper examines (i) how human rights for children and young people are articulated as relevant for preschools and schools, and (ii) what expectations on preschools and schools that are indicated. The analysis shows that many human rights aspects appear in the curricula and are articulated as relevant in terms of values, objects of knowledge and children’s influence. The curricula indicate that preschools and schools are expected to use human rights as guidance, ensure that pupils learn about rights and develop the capacity to act in accordance with human rights. The analysis also shows a lack of explicit rights terminology, which means that rights are not always easy to identify in the curricula.
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