Att pröva elevers läsförmåga i årskurs nio - En analys av uppgiftskonstruktioner i det nationella provet i svenska, delprov A Att läsa och förstå

  • Michael Tengberg
Nyckelord: assessment, construct validity, educational testing, item format, reading comprehension


Over the last decade, national tests have become increasingly important to define educational quality. Testing procedures are more time consuming and take a prominent role as instruments for control and governance. This development necessitates critical analyses of prevalent test constructions and of test validity. The article reports from an analysis of test items and scoring guidelines in the national test of Swedish in 9th grade, focusing specifically on the measurement of literary comprehension. The analysis is based on tests used 2005–2012. Drawing on test theory and reading process theory, findings indicate that the construct definition of reading comprehension in these tests is deeply problematic and that alternative test constructions should be considered.
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