Etik och jämlikhet - En diskussion om den pedagogiska relationens villkor utifrån Emmanuel Levinas filosofi

  • Simon Ceder
Nyckelord: ethics, equality, Levinas, infinity, educational relations, philosophy of education


This article discusses ethics and equality using the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas within the field of educational relations. Levinas usually focuses on ethics, but in this article I also discuss his parallel political dimension which makes equality possible. Levinas’ argument of infinite asymmetrical positions is used in an expanded sense to also include infinite individuals. This leads to a view of the educational relation as consisting of un-categorisable, infinite individuals independent of limiting and predetermined categories or roles. This argument also sets the stage for a view of equality in educational relations based on difference instead of sameness. Finally, the article argues for the possibility to use the theoretical considerations of Levinas’ ethical and political dimension to suggest a broader view on educational relations.
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