Synlig pedagogik och subtila interaktionsmönster - Fallstudier av framgångsrik undervisning vid IV och IM

  • Ingrid Henning Loeb
  • Karin Lumsden Wass
Nyckelord: upper secondary education, visible pedagogy, interaction, organizing of capacities, communication


In this article, two examples of teaching for students not eligible for regular programmes in Swedish upper secondary education are analysed. These were selected as they are representative of teaching that the students have spoken highly of. A theoretical point of departure are theories of organizing which focus on connections of actions and institutionalized patterns. Institutionalized patterns of visible pedagogy with strong classification and strong framing (cf. Bernstein 1975) are identified. However, the two examples also show other more subtle interactions. These are analysed and shown to be of importance with the help of concepts from John Dewey (1916) and his emphasis on the role of communication and interaction in the educational process.
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