Granskningens verkningar - inspektörer om inspektionen

  • Agneta Hult
Nyckelord: assumptive worlds, constitutive effects, inspection effects, school inspection


The main motives when Swedish school inspection was reinstalled in 2003 and reinforced in 2008 were the need for raising academic performance and for improving educational equivalence (Rönnberg 2012a, b). Annually, a cadre of school inspectors visit more than a thousand schools in Sweden. Do they believe that they ‘make a difference’? This paper analyses the ‘assumptive worlds’ (Marshall et al. 1985) of inspectors and inspection managers at the Swedish Schools Inspectorate as expressed in interviews. Their notions about what is affected and in what ways are brought forward, illuminating possible relationships between the inspection process and the national, municipal and school arena. The effects of school inspection through the eyes of the inspectors and managers are discussed in relation to joint assumptive worlds among them, and to constitutive effects (Dahler-Larsen 2012).
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