Att ta inspektionen i egna händer - Hur lokala aktörer använder skolinspektionen

  • Linda Rönnberg
Nyckelord: implementation, mobilization, policy enactment, school inspection, Sweden


Inspectees are the focus of this paper, which reports findings on the local functions of Swedish national inspection – how head teachers, teachers, students and officers from responsible authorities utilise inspection as a resource. The paper draws on a particular perspective of implementation to analyse data from qualitative case study data from twelve Swedish compulsory schools by drawing on the concept of policy enactment (Ball et al. 2012). Even if inspection is a political tool that is largely intended to govern from the top down, this paper highlights the power of local agency and some of the ways in which the enactments of inspection are simultaneously in line with and extend beyond the politically anticipated functions, all pointing to the importance of inspection as a mobilising resource. It shows the multiplicity of activities that take place in schools and responsible authorities in the course of inspection.
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