Trender och likvärdighet - Svenska elevers resultat på PISA naturvetenskap i en internationell jämförelse

  • Eva Davidsson
  • Karl-Göran Karlsson
  • Magnus Oskarsson
Nyckelord: Large-scale testing, between-school variation, equity


Sweden experiences an evident downward trend regarding Swedish students’ performances on large-scale science tests during the last 15 years. This article aims to analyze this trend using percentiles, analyze the trend of in-between school variance but also to compare the Swedish results to other Nordic countries as well as to some countries that have experienced a significant upward or downward trend during this period. The analyses reveal that the downward trend could be ascribed to the descending results of low- and mid-performers. Furthermore it shows an increasing in-between school variance in Sweden as well as in other countries experiencing downward performances. It is possible to conclude that weaker results from low-performers are closely related to an increased in-between school variance and thereby decreased equity.
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