4.3 The Future of Nordic Business Education

  • Minna-Maarit Jaskari University of Vaasa
  • Jenni Kantola University of Vaasa
Keywords: Pedagogy, Learning Technologies, Digitalization, Curriculum development, Teaching, Business Education


We as business educators are responsible in preparing our students for the future as good as we can. But what does this mean in terms of degrees, curriculums, modules, lifelong learning or pedagogy?
The rapid technological development along with pandemic times serves as drivers for need to consider the form and content of education. Many of the business educators have moved quickly to online teaching. Learning by doing has been a motto for many of us.
If the time has been new to many of the teachers, also the students have faced new challenges as well as successes. Indeed, education sector has been affected along other sectors of these rapid, unexpected and uncertain events.
We welcome papers that look at teaching and/or learning from variety of perspectives including individual, curriculum, faculty or university.

Management Development and Education