2.2 Entrepreneurship in Turbulent-times - New Opportunities?

  • Anna Kremel Örebro University
  • Gabriel Linton Örebro University
  • Claes Gunnarsson Örebro University
  • Heli Aramo-Immonen Turku University of Applied Sciences
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Opportunities, Turbulent Times, Innovation, Change, Policy


The COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis that has followed has dramatically affected our everyday lives and has a huge effect on global society. As living and working environment is dramatically changing, entrepreneurs, their ventures, and society are facing extraordinary challenges, but there are also possibilities to navigate the crisis, adapt to changes and find new opportunities as well as change previous ways of doing things. The entrepreneurial mindset of trying new things is required (Ratten, 2020).  Entrepreneurs and ventures responses to the crises vary. Innovation has happened at a quick pace during the COVID-19 crisis as ventures have been required to completely rethink their offerings and business models.There are nationally very different agendas and actions to prevent COVID-19 to spread. How has these different policies affected entrepreneurs in Nordic countries? We therefor suggest Comparative studies and Trust building in virtual teams.   


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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Studies