8.3 Digital Methods and Digital Data in Business Research

  • Christian Sandström Jönköping International Business
  • Christofer Laurell KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Christina Öberg Örebro University
  • Andrea Geissinger Örebro University /The Ratio Institute
  • Rasmus Nykvist Örebro University /The Ratio Institute
  • Klas Eriksson Stockholm University / The Ratio Institute
Keywords: Digital Research Methods, Digital Business, Data Analytics, Big Data


Digital research methods open up possibilities to conduct research in new ways. Scholars have started to observe these opportunities across the social sciences in general and in business research in particular. As it is clear that digital methods will enable new research opportunities, a number of digital methods are currently being explored within business research. The track aims to gather business researchers to advance the use and development of digital research methods. The ambition is to bring together researchers with different digital method specializations from different sub-field within business research, to learn from as well as inspire each other.


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