8.2 Toward the Business Model Paradigm

  • Petri Ahokangas Oulu Business School
  • Minna Pikkarainen Oulu Business School
  • Timo Koivumäki Oulu Business School
  • Irina Atkova Oulu Business School
Keywords: Business Model, Open Innovation, Innovation Ecosystems


To date, leading scientific journals within entrepreneurship, management, strategic management, and technology management fields have published business model related papers representative to their specific focus or thematic approach. For example, “sustainable business models” have extensively been discussed in the Journal of Cleaner Production and Organization & Environment, strategic aspects of business models have been discussed in Long Range Planning and Strategic Management Journal, and the Journal of Business Models has provided a forum to explore business models in any context. Rather than bringing unity to the business model research, this assimilation of the business model to existing research streams may lead to ultimate fragmentation of the research on business models. The question arises, how to rejuvenate and where to direct the business model research as we go to the next decade of business model research.


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