5.2 Consumer Behaviour Research in the Nordic Countries: What’s Happening?

  • Magnus Söderlund Stockholm School of Economics
  • Hanna Berg Stockholm School of Economics
  • Karina Liljedal Stockholm School of Economics
Keywords: Consumer behavior, Marketing, Consumption


Consumer behavior research deals with consumers’ acquisition, use, and disposition of products. All of these consumer activities, however, have not been studied to the same extent. And we do yet not have good theories for everything covered by these activities. At the same time, consumers are increasingly in focus for many firms. Much more research is thus needed. And much research is indeed carried out –so much that it is impossible for a single individual to know what goes on. So, what exactly is goingon? The ambition of this track is to provide an overview of current consumer behavior research in theNordic countries.


No specific topic is proposed, the idea is to create an overview what is happening in the Nordic countries with respect to one particular research field.