5.1 Business in Society - Society in Business

  • Emilene Leite Örebro University
  • Mads Bruun Ingstrup University of Southern Denmark,
Keywords: Business and Society, Public-Private Partnership, Institutional Logic, Business Relationships, Business Network, Social Impact


Complex societal challenges also known as grand challenges such as urban mobility, air pollution, climate change, and pandemics give rise to multi-actor collaboration, mainly because complex challenges cannot be solved by one single entity or sector (Pope & Lewis, 2008, Leite & Bengtson, 2017). Hence, it is vital to understand how collaboration between public, private, and civil-society spheres can result in more effective collaborative actions while promoting societal transformation. Thus, we believe that an examination of key actors, resources, and activities in the construction of cross-sector collaborations are very timely in the management domain.


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