6.3 Rethinking Behavior in Organizations: Reflections on Disruption and Change

IJOTB Paper Development Workshop (for Special Issue)

  • Davide Secchi University of Southern Denmark
  • Ryan Armstrong University of Barcelona
  • Maira Babri Örebro University
  • Johan Kask Örebro University
Keywords: Organizational change, Complexity, Flexibility, Radical Change, Disruption


The workshop offers the opportunity to participants with a paper idea or a draft of a paper to work on it and prepare it for submission to a Special Issue on 'Rethinking Behavior in Organizations: Reflections on Disruption and Change' to appear in the International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior. The Special Issue is primarily open to NFF 2021 participants and it is designed to explore how radical change has affected and is affecting organizations.


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