10.3 Stakeholder Engagement in Advancing a Sustainable Circular Economy

  • Annika Blomberg Tampere University
  • Anna Heikkinen Tampere University
  • Riikka Tapaninaho Tampere University
Keywords: Stakeholder, Stakeholder Engagement, Circular Economy, Transition, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Development


A sustainable circular economy is a pathway to a more environmentally safe and socially just society. In addition to redesigning products and business models to minimise waste and increase material reuse, the transition towards a sustainable circular economy requires stakeholder collaboration and co-operation at multiple levels and fields in the society. However, the circular economy literature lacks research on how stakeholder interaction and engagement can foster and support sustainable change and act as a catalyst for a circular economy. Therefore, this track invites researchers interested in stakeholder engagement and circular economy to share thoughts related to the intersection of these two areas, and to find novel ways to analyze how stakeholder engagement can catalyse the transition towards a sustainable circular economy.


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Sustainability, Responsibility and Ethics