6.6 Practices of Organizing Migrants' Integration and Diverse Workforce

  • Vedran Omanovic University of Gothenburg
  • Lotte Holck Copenhagen Business School
  • Annette Risberg Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Emre Tarim Lancaster University
Keywords: Workplace Integration, Diverse Workforce, Organizational Socialization, Migrants, Gender Equality


This track invites contributions that focus on organizational practices of organizing migrants’ integration into the labor market and their workplace integration and socialization, as well as on practices of organizing diverse workforce. We also invite contributions that explore how migrant workers relate to these practices of organizing by looking more carefully at the potential for agency among migrants themselves, in terms of their active mobilization in the transformation of such practices of organizing. Finally, we also welcome contributions that shed a light on consequences of such ways of organizing for both organizations and migrant- workers/jobseekers.


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