2.4 Co-Creation in Service Innovations

  • Heli Aramo-Immonen Turku University of Applied Sciences, Master School
  • Harri Jalonen University of Vaasa
  • Tuula Jäppinen The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
Keywords: Co-creation, service, innovations, public service, private service, hybrid service


Public services and public-private (hybrid) services are facing demand of rapid changes all over the Europe. Nordic countries are one step ahead in the process of co-creation of service innovations. Service co-creation is complex phenomenon and therefore it deserves to be studied in interdisciplinary academic coalitions. There are social-historical-economic aspects influencing the co-creation of services in different ecosystems. There are also opportunities to utilize crowd thinking, crowd intelligence and special interest groups in social media for example in the service co-creation in contemporary era of digitalization.


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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Studies