7.1 Pandemicracy - Organizing Professional Work in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty - Insights from the Nordic Public Sector

  • Elena Raviola Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg
  • Karin Berglund Stockholm Business School, Stockholms universitet
  • Josef Pallas Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University
Keywords: Professions, COVID-19, Public Sector, Work, Organizing, Resilience


Measures taken to manage COVID19 have created new challenges for large parts of the public sector. While we are primarily thinking of healthcare staff, these measures have also affected the content and form of work in parts of the public sector that face the more indirect effects and societal challenges that the virus has brought with it. In this track we welcome empirically oriented papers that seek to examine the everyday work of professions occupying the public sector - both front-line workers and those that ended up in “the shadow of the pandemic".


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