9.1 Issues in Contemporary Supply Chain Management

  • Vojtech Klézl Örebro University
  • Stephen Kelly Edge Hill University
  • Klaas Stek University of Twente
  • Jakob Rehme Linköping University
  • Emelie Havemo Linköping University
Keywords: Supply Chain Finance, Supply Chain Education and Skills, Supply Chain Risk Management and Resilience, Emerging Technology in Supply Chains, Sustainable Supply Chain and Business, Sustainable Value Chains


The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on a number systemic and organisation challenges linked to supply chain management, including sustainability, supply chain skills and risk management, thus putting much of the taken-for-granted knowledge on supply chain management to the test. Aspects such as insourcing, resilience, public procurement, and sustainable development have emerged as consequential topics for supply chain management. In addition, many opportunities and challenges are emerging in purchasing and supply chain management, with technologies such as blockchain and internet of things rapidly developing. In sum, there are several areas in supply chain management with the potential for further development.


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Supply Chain and Operation Management