11.2 Advancing Theory with Literature Reviews

Paper Development Workshop

  • Johan Kask Örebro University
  • Dermot Breslin Rennes School of Business
Keywords: Theorizing, Conceptual Paper, Literature Review


This paper development workshop seeks to support scholars in navigating paths to theory development, by exploring ways in which scholars can develop theory through literature reviews. A range of review methods will be presented and discussed by leading literature review authors and editors. Advises will be given to participants on how they might develop the contributions of their review papers. This workshop format session therefore invites literature review papers on a wide range of topics, spanning across all the sub-disciplines embraced by the Nordic Academy of Management. The workshop will be developmental and interactive, and the goal is to be inspirational and friendly, rather than prescriptive. We intend to offer take-aways so that participating scholars leave the track and the conference with a range of new ideas for what theory-building reviews might look like, and how to apply these ideas to their specific research topics.


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