Managing accreditation in Business Schools

AACSB executives’ views on successful accreditation process


  • Sauli Sohlo University of Oulu


Accreditation, AACSB, Business School management, Higher education development


Business schools increasingly engage in improving their legitimacy, status and reputation in the international markets, through pursuing international accreditations. While there is significant body of knowledge on these processes, the point of views of the accreditation organizations themselves has largely been neglected. This study aims to shed light on what the executives and professionals of AACSB International see as being the key challenges and success factors, unraveling at business schools that aim to earn and maintain the sought-after AACSB accreditation recognition. The findings identify numerous factors during the four phases and on the five levels of each phase that determine whether a school is successful in its accreditation endeavor.


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6.1 Academic Leadership