Learning user innovation in the “new normal”

Student perceptions on competence development in a hybrid vs. full online learning environment


  • Mona Enell-Nilsson University of Vaasa
  • Minna-Maarit Jaskari University of Vaasa


user innovation, online learning, competence development


In the heart of higher education is the development of relevant competencies for the students.
However, if the competence development is difficult in today’s VUCA world, the Covid-19
challenged it even more. It forced to change the traditional classroom teaching in online
teaching at once. In this paper, we analyse how the perception of competence development
differs in an online setting compared to an earlier face-to-face mode of teaching. Our data
consists of five years of student feedback from a user innovation course. Surprisingly we find
no statistical differences over the year, not even when moving online. We discuss the possible
reasons behind our results.





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