Digitalization and customer journeys

  • Lisa Lundin
  • Daniel Kindström Linköpings universitet
Keywords: Digitalization, Customer journey, Touchpoints, Business-to-Business


This paper explores how digitalization influences B2B customer journeys. Understanding
customer journeys has been identified as a top research priority. Additionally, digitalization
changes B2B interactions, as well as the way in which offerings are experienced. Consequently,
more research on B2B digitalization is also needed. Building on a conceptualization of
digitalized touchpoints and how they can be managed in B2B customer journeys, this paper
identifies key aspects of increasingly digitalized touchpoints and how they can be managed
throughout a digitalized customer journey. The research is based on an in-depth case study of
a B2B firm and four of their customers.

8.3 Digital methods and digital data in business research