Bibliometric analysis of digital content marketing for digital government


  • Anabel Guzman University of Barcelona
  • Xavier Arroyo


e-Government, digital government, social media, digital content, content marketing, content strategy


Due to the evolution in the last two decades regarding the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs), the adoption of digital channels has been increasing by government entities. Communication strategies that generate more significant interaction with citizens have been prioritized. The study's primary purpose was to investigate the evolution and current state of the literature using a quantitative-descriptive methodology and analyze the database yields' metadata. It was taken as a reference to classic marketing theories as well as emerging ones to classify the literature and identify potential gaps concerning public issues or digital government.  This bibliometric study analyzed 121 scientific papers drawn from the Web of Science (WOS) platform, based on content marketing strategies for e-government platforms, which initially examined the knowledge development, the scientific quality, and influence of works and sources. 





8.3 Digital methods and digital data in business research