Citizens´ perceptions for co-creation in urban open space management


  • Sari Suomalainen LUT University
  • Clive Holtham
  • Anne Pässilä
  • Allan Owens
  • Helena Kahiluoto


Urban open space, Parks, Participation, Co-creation, Arts-based methods


The context of this paper is the management of urban open spaces, with specific respect to approaches to planning and managing such spaces which involve citizen participation, and particularly arts-based participation methods as evolved by the co-authors. The core of the paper is to examine whether a framework called CLEHES, originating from Chile, could provide a novel lens through which to review retrospectively such participative methods. In turn, the insights gained might usefully inform the reshaping of such fieldwork in the future, and in turn enhance participative approaches to planning and management.


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7.2 Smart & Livable Cities: Governance, Management, Leadership