Academic Faculty Dean’s Lived Experience of the Middle Manager’s Job; Working Context, Job Demands and Social Support


  • Inga Jona Jonsdottir University of Iceland, School of Business


The aim of the study presented here is to shed light on academic faculty deans’ lived experience of their work context, psychological job demands and the social support they receive at work. The research design is a case study, drawing on a phenomenological approach. Semi-structured, in-depth interviews with deans of twelve faculties (six men and six women) were conducted. The findings reveal shared experiences of a complex and paradoxical work context. The perceived experiences are lack of a decision-making authority, a vague and unhelpful job description, psychological job demands related to personnel issues and interpersonal conflicts.
The schools’ human resource managers are the main source of advice and help in their role of workplace social support.





6.1 Academic Leadership