Prerequisites for the emergence of inter-industry value chain collaboration for the circular bioeconomy

  • Gabriela Schaad School of Business, Economics and Law
  • Jon Williamsson School of Business, Economics and Law
  • Anders Sandoff School of Business, Economics and Law
Keywords: Inter-industry collaboration, circular bioeconomy, sustainable innovations, prerequisites


Actors active in the circular bioeconomy strive to commercialize sustainable innovations from
bio-based resources and technologies. Inter-industry collaboration is a fruitful way to exploit
new market opportunities, yet these are rare and poorly understood. This research aims to
identify prerequisites for inter-industry value chain collaboration that promote the
commercialization of sustainable innovations in the bioeconomy. Data was collected through
case studies and interviews with firm representatives from Nordic collaborations aiming to
contribute to the shift towards renewable transport fuels. Combining a literature review with
empirical material, the paper presents a framework of prerequisites at the firm- and interfirm

10.5 Towards Circular Economy in Organisations and Consumption