The On-line community as a self-organized network and space of belonging in a context of suburban planning - a case study


  • Anne Pässilä LUT University
  • Satu Parjanen LUT University
  • Allan Owens University of Chester
  • Joona Outakivi


Livable city, citizen, collaborative urban public innovation


The paper aims at understanding the potential of the construction of memories and meaning of everyday lives in the past in the context of a future community planning process. This was achieved through a digital community inviting residents from 1970’s to recall the time when they lived in a particular neighborhood. Focus was placed on the interpretation of their detailed descriptions of space and place, relationships, events and actions in order to create an evocative video. This captured something of the social and cultural layer of that time leading to the creation of the concept historialla muotoilu/ designing by memory.


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7.2 Smart & Livable Cities: Governance, Management, Leadership