What macroeconomic factors determines growth in micro, small and mediumsized firms in Europe?


  • Åsa Grek Högskolan Dalarna
  • Carin Nordstöm Dalarna University
  • Catia Cialani Dalarna University


The aim of this paper was to study the macro-factors effect on entrepreneurship at aggregate level in Europe. A distinguishing has been done at both the size and categories. The study covers SMEs in European Unions(EU) 28 countries, from 2005 to 2018 in ten different sectors: Mining and quarrying; Manufacturing; Electricity, gas etc.; Water supply etc.; Transportation and storage; Accommodation and food service; Information and communication; Real estate activities; Professional, scientific and technical activities; Administrative and support service activities. The result suggests that the mainly most important variable, for increasing the
number of SMEs, is Human Development Index (HDI).





2.1 Entrepreneurship and Innovation General Track